How to become a member of this forum.

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How to become a member of this forum.

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In order to become a new member of this forum, you must have a current member vouch for you and request an invitation code from the site's admin and moderator team. Each request is considered carefully and without prejudice.

This is to help keep Melburg Luft a nicer place to be and make people accountable for what they say and do here. We want to try to put a face to every username.

If you do not know any current members, we usually have a visible presence at most Australian VW shows, so introduce yourself to any of our members and say hello.

We also have a regular monthly coffee meet on the the first Sat morning of every month. Even if you dont yet have a VW you are more than welcome to pop along, introduce yourself to whoever happens to be there, and find out what its all about. We welcome new members, but we treat this place like our own garage, and prefer to know who's inside it :wink:

Look forward to meeting you.

The Admin Team.
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